Trippe Davis is a Camera Operator, 1st AC, & Stills Photographer in Portland, Oregon. Creativity is top priority, making images as well as moving pictures that incite the observer to look at them over & over again is the goal. “I want to move people, I want to use light and a close proximity to my subject, along with other elements of design and aesthetic to make the art that I produce as hard to leave as that last day of vacation.” Davis constantly strives to keep things new and unique and is one of the hardest working artists out there.

Aside of the daily production of personal fine art Trippe Davis has an impressive client list that ranges from the cover of Bright Ideas magazine to architectural pieces for Carleton Hart Architecture. Additionally Davis has worked on many commercial jobs with Nike, Adidas, The Nature Conservancy, Airbnb, Kroger, Oregon State Fair, Certified Languages International,  Stouffer’s and many others.

Thank you for your time.